A Perfect Autumn Day

Texas confuses me. Most of the season has been blazing hot, but as I left work last night, I was blasted with a wave of gloriously cold, autumn air!


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Wine Review: BenMarco Cabernet Sauvignon

Here in San Antonio, there is a chain of “spirits and fine food” stores called Specs, each lorded over by the disturbing, Donnie Darko-like rabbit that plays mascot to the establishment.


Am I wrong to say this rabbit looks like it has bad intentions?

But enough of that…WINE!

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San Antonio City Guide: Magnolia Pancake Haus

I like to think about breakfast as a spiritual experience.

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San Antonio City Guide: The Touisty Things

Whenever someone comes to town, you have to do the touristy things.
It’s a necessary evil.

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San Antonio City Guide: Horse Races

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Friday Links: The Little Things

Here are my top links for the week!

I’ve posted this one before, but it still makes me happy! A customizable noise generator, how sweet is that?

Check it out: Noisli

Next is just a goofy animal that made me smile. I told you, these links are all about the little things, like goofy animals!

Check it out: Spirit Animal

As an overly romantic female, it would be a shameful lie to say that I’m not a huge fan of Michael Buble. And on my drive home from work the other night, I heard a duet that pretty much touched my soul.

Check it out: Something Stupid

I’m a total baby when it comes to scary things, but my imagination demands to be scared once in a while since it it BRILLIANT for one’s writing. You can’t only expose yourself to happy, sunshiney things if you want to improve your creativity. You must run the gamut. Who else is excited and terrified for this new show?

Check it out: Freak Show

So it’s a bit behind the times, but I finally got around to watching Emma Watson’s speech on Feminism and I can’t rave about it enough. I think it’s admirable and inspiring. Bravo!

Check it out: HeForShe

And finally, for celebrating the little things….these instagram accounts.

Check them out: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven

Have a great Weekend!



Apple Crisp on a typical Tuesday Night

I don’t know about you, but in my world, Tuesday evenings are not complete without Apple Crisp and The Prince of Egypt.

Apple Crisp

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San Antonio City Guide: Comanche Lookout Park

Do you like to run? I sure do. And last night I found an enchanted forest. (mysterious hand waving)

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Texas Sunset: Part 3

I had been eying this spot for quite some time. So I called up the Keegster, and we went adventuring to see one of nature’s epic light shows. I present, the stadium.

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Austin City Guide: Bangers and Brats and Beers

“Oh My!”


Erika and I moved to a new apartment this weekend, and let me tell you, I witnessed more than one miracle in the process.

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