“We’ll always have…Moonstruck.”

“I find myself stargazing, mostly finding you amazing, by the moon.” -Joshua Payne

Moonstruck that is, and the introduction to the “Mint Tingle.”

Dear reader,

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he/she makes…the face.
You know of what I speak: that look, that ray of sunshine, that starry-eyed “I have not lived until this day,” look of enlightenment!! If you have not experienced this, be patient. When it happens, you’ll know.

Brace yourself.

My moment, which I have the privilege of sharing with many others, came in a quaint local workshop of the gods called Moonstruck. Moonstruck…even the word brings to mind some sort of celestial awakening, a night of endless stars, endless wonder, and…endless chocolate?

Well, perhaps not. But once you’ve entered Moonstruck, located in the Alphabet district on NW 23rd ST, you’ll be thinking the moon is made of chocolate despite popular belief in cheese. (Total respect for cheese BTW, but we’ll save that for a later post).
Let me set the scene for you. My first experience with Moonstruck was in the Fall of 2010. The smell of rain lingered for only a second as the door opened onto a scene from a chocolate lover’s fantasy land. Decorated walls of chocolate leaves, little Frankenstein caricatures, and all manner of creepy, crawling chocolate monsters practically demanded consumption as my lovely friends and I filed into the little shop. I despise spiders, but chocolate spiders? Ok, exceptions can be made. It’s funny how candy and chocolate makes you feel like a kid again, and pressed up against the glass case full of wonderful little truffles immediately transported me to a time when consuming copious amounts of chocolate would not be coupled with weight gain…sigh. Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. The star, the one, the only, the direct cause of the face: ladies and gentlemen, the Mint Tingle.
People, resistance IS futile. Let me break it down for you.

A milkshake that is minty, chocolatey, with crunchy bits of honeycomb. Fresh, rich, heavenly, slap you in the face good…this milkshake will always be good to you.

If that doesn’t sound delicious to you, you might not have a soul. This milkshake is the best I have ever tasted and I’m pretty sure cannot be improved upon. A Portland classic, you (yes YOU) should experience it at least once. And then, like any good friend, return frequently to visit it. The Mint Tingle, it even sounds a bit sinful. Indulge, please. Do yourself the favor.
Happy milkshake consuming!
Your faithful dining companion,
(I hope you enjoy the Casablanca reference as well. As a side note, if you didn’t catch it, please rent the movie and watch it immediately as repentance)

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