Adult Disney

The happiest place on Earth just got a lot happier…

"Reeeeach for the sky!"

“Reeeeach for the sky!”

It has been just about 10 years since last I set foot in Walt Disney’s wonderland, and I couldn’t be any more thrilled to be returning. Folks, this is how you do Spring Break of your senior year of college. With three of your favorite ladies in the happiest place on the planet.

This is my gorgeous mother! If you’re not doing Spring Break with mom, you’re wrong.

Now I am very much an adult in age and stature, but the prospect of Disneyland makes me bubble over with so great an amount of energy that I should probably be hooked into one of those backpack/leash contraptions that overly zealous (and probably very smart) parents strap their children into. But in Adult Disneyland, you only need such a device if you’ve had one too many poisonous apple martinis.
Today was primarily a driving day, and armed with homemade French macaroons (see later post), apples, and enough gummy bears to populate a gummy Yukon, we were off.

“300 miles to Disneyland,” I announce excitedly, beginning my booming countdown to the top dog (or should I say mouse!) in the happiness industry. We sat….and sat….and sat…and tried to do crosswords. Arriving in L.A. we each attempted to rubberneck our way into a look at the Hollywood sign, but it was a no go. Apparently you cannot see it from the 5. Finally, we arrived at our hotel.
Our first night in Disneyland was spent in Downtown Disney.
We meandered through the heavily populated shops, ooing and awing over shirts, mugs, and Mickey Mouse Ears. Through the grace of some higher power, the claustrophobic-induced anxiety that would normally hit me in such crowds never came along. I actually rather enjoyed the crowd that night, though I would soon get over this Lauren + crowd honeymoon stage. Everywhere I set my eyes, my favorite characters met them, leaping off the merchandise and calling to me. It was strange to see Yoda and Darth Maul inspired gear in a Disney Store, but I suppose we all have to change with the times….I wonder who will be corrupted by the seductive powers of the Dark Side of the Force?

Perhaps Donald Duck will.
Darth Donald…the grumpiest of Sith Lords



Tapas, tapas, tapas…it’s the rhythm of the night

We soon realized how hungry we all were and sat down at an outdoor restaurant for a few cocktails and appetizers bathed in a kaleidoscope of neon lights and the sultry silver of a full moon.
Funky tunes from the seventies acted as the soundtrack for our evening, and soon we were playing sing-along. Que the happiest place on Earth! As it turns out, alcohol and Disney do indeed mix!
Disneyland is not just for the kiddos these days. It hosts a certain form of Adult Swim that really makes for a fabulous girls’ weekend away. Adult Disney is the name of the game, and although you never have to grow up, even Peter Pan was receptive to new forms of fun. Tomorrow, this group of girls is going to partake in one or two mad tea parties and follow that second star to the right straight on till morning. Here’s to the happiest place on Earth, bottoms up my Disney people!
Xx, Lauren

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