Ladies and Gentlemen, I have moved into the era of marriages and babies. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great! Weddings, moving away, new adventures…

That being said, as I write this, my housemates and I are all sitting around watching Mulan.

Anyway, last night was my lovely friend Anne’s bachelorette party. Portland, OR was the stage for our evening!

We started at our hotel, getting ready for a night out on the town, all in celebration of this lady and her upcoming marriage!


Here’s how our night played out…

Champagne? Check!

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After a few games to get us ready for the night, we dashed out of our hotel and caught a cab downtown!

Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland

First up was The Departure, sounds cool, right? It was SO cool!

Up on the fifteenth floor of The Nines.


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It was a dark and sultry kind of place. The hallways were dark, lit by purple and red lights. Mirrors hung on the walls behind sheer curtains, giving the place an eerie sort of depth. To the left was a rooftop bar, surrounded by the fresh NW air and 360 degree views of The Rose City.

062 063

We gave it about five minutes out in the wind before seeking shelter in the restaurant side of the place.

036 037 039 040 041 042 043 046 047 053

We ordered a few treats and shared stories about the lovely bride-to-be. I think we all laughed more than any of us had in awhile.

But the party train was rolling out, next stop? Jones Bar.



This place was CRAZY! Stuffed to the gills, 90s music blaring from unseen speakers, and loads of cheerful people dancing the night away. I even found a cute guy that could swing dance, what?!? But the most important thing? Anne was having a great time!

059 060 061

Such a great night with great ladies!


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