Talk Hummus to Me

Whoa there, I was kidding, garlic brains! Step away from the one mile radius of my nose!


But actually, saying that I love garlic would be a GROSS understatement. Garlic has many uses: great for your heart, circulatory system, happiness, conversation skills, vampire destroying, etc.


With all of this in mind, what’s not to love about a creamy, dreamy vessel for garlic consumption? And it’s homemade? Yes, yes. I am accepting applications for marriage. Just kidding! (But seriously). Clarissa’s already taken, so sorry folks!


Well, without further ado…..I give you the wondrous, the stupendous, the marvelous, the illustrious, the knock-your-socks-off, impress ALL the guests recipe for delicious hummus!



Here’s the breakdown:

Get yourself a food processor: versatile, elegant, and a hummus lover’s best friend (since hummus is the lover, not the best friend….sad little love triangle).

Next step:

15oz can of garbanzo beans

However many cloves of garlic you can stomach (now’s the time to separate the boys from the men)

2 Tablespoons of olive oil

The juice of 1 lemon

1/2 tsp of cumin

1/2 tsp of salt

Paprika and Oil for the garnish

Now blend! Blend! Blend for your lives!

Food Processor Lemon Lemon Garlic Garlic Cumin 064 Olive Oil 067 Garbanzo Beans 071 077


Now enjoy the smoothness of homemade hummus and then say a thing or two to the neighbors that you don’t like. Hhhhhhello, fffffffriend.

You’re welcome. If you have a can’t miss recipe, leave it in the comment section and I promise to try it.


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