Details Matter

I love accessories, but don’t wear them too often. One of my “New Year’s Goals” was to put a bit more effort into my clothing, so I thought I might find a few signature pieces to help pull me together.  Now usually, I’ll just grab some pearls and HUGE sunglasses, but here’s the look today:

peace pendant watch

vintage vintage peace pendant watch pendant watch Pendant watch leopard print

Vintage Pendant watch from my lovely Grandmother who you can see here.

Various bracelets, including my favorite free trade (carry peace in your heart).

Sweater from Anthropologie.

Guess Leopard Print flats.

Essie Mademoiselle Nails.

And here are the favorites….

Steampunk Steampunk

My “steampunk” vintage glasses.

Also, makeup by Lancome…of course.

Lancome Lancome Lancome

And Van Gogh sketch pad, full of brilliant ideas.

van gogh van gogh


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