Alright, I’ll admit it. I went to Seattle for the sole purpose of doing the tourist thing: Pike Place Market.Starbucks

I haven’t been anywhere in Seattle (apart from the airport—check out our fabulous trip to Paris and Amsterdam here!) in probably 12 or 13 years. It was necessary to hit all of the tourist traps. We started the day with coffee, German pancakes, and PJs. I put on my uniform of skinny jeans, chambray button down, black boots, pearls,  and oversized sunnies.

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My new smartcar


And we were off! The drive wasn’t too bad, but parking was another story. Parking in Seattle was about 20x worse than in PDX. They could make an Olympic sport out of it: Parallel Hill Parking. Amanda was a champ!

We met up with Cassie at the Public Market with excited minds and empty stomachs.

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Don't mind if I do....

Don’t mind if I do….


It is a crime that this picture exists

It is a crime that this picture exists

259 Seattle

Our first stop? Beecher’s for some Mac and Cheese! No licking the screen….

Beecher's Beecher's Beecher'S Mac and Cheese 269

And then to the Original Starbucks!!

Original Starbucks 268 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280

After we were sufficiently re-caffeinated, we made a pit stop to the market’s restrooms, which I only mention because the stalls had the shortest doors I have ever seen! You could practically maintain eye contact with your neighbor as you take care of the call of nature. Quite uncomfortable, but I suppose useful if you run out of toilet paper…weird.

We strolled around the market, enjoying the flowers, samples of jams and honey, and people watching. The people watching in the great Northwest is some of the best in the world I think. Although there aren’t as many hipsters, the folks up in Seattle are quite a cast of characters.

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And then the obligatory pictures with the pig. We had to fight off some little kids to get up to it. Just kidding…but seriously.

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Donuts came next. Now those of you who know me well know that I DO NOT appreciate donuts. Even Voodoo here in Portland isn’t my style. But these donuts weren’t bad. The girls were loving them, so if you’re a fan of the fried dough, check out the little stand at the market.

347 349 351 355 359 360 362

Call me a nerd, but I absolutely love visiting libraries. They’re the soul of a city, something you have to get to know to truly appreciate the depth of the place you’re visiting. Seattle’s library was fascinating. Spread out over a city block and housed in a modernistic building, we scurried inside and were immediately greeted with neon colors and escalators heading in different directions. “I feel like we’re in IKEA,” I say to the girls as we pass a sign that reads, “Living Room –>”

371 373 374 375 377 378 380 384 388 390

After wandering to the top for the rather trippy overlook, we tucked into the records section of the library, reading obituaries, looking at old foundational blueprints, and reading about sasquatch.

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A great day in a cool city. What could be better? How about a flying car/Harry Potter reference?

"You had one job..."

“You had one job…”



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  1. Great look at a great city. We were in Seattle a couple of times going back and forth from Korea and visited the market briefly while waiting for the train to Southern Oregon. Rode the limo from the airport to the station. Would love to go back and spend some time. You should consider visiting our fine city of Sacramento, CA. The capital is beautiful. The camellias are gorgeous.

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