Jack's Urban Eats

Mom and I had a free day to just pop around town shopping. Now shopping can be hard work (look at how heavy that bocce ball set looks!), so naturally we stopped to chow down somewhere tasty!

Bocce Ball


Jack’s Urban Eats is kind of fast food and kind of not. Good quality dishes, but really fast service! They serve sandwiches, salads, fries, etc. And all of it is made in an kitchen open to the dining area. I always think it’s cool to be able to see how people make my food. There was the guy carving a turkey, the girl tossing one order of Asian chicken salad with its dressing, another girl slathering guac on two crusty pieces of bread….you get the picture.

We couldn’t decide on one thing each, so we decided to share: Asian Chicken Salad, and the Turkey Berry Sandwich!

Chicken Salad

Here was the description on the sandwhich:

Oven roasted turkey, fresh cranberry & pomegranate, provolone cheese, apple & walnut relish, spring mix and mayo on a whole wheat roll.

Jack's Urban Eats Turkey Berry Sandwhich

Does that not sound divine? Well, it was. A great lunch break with a great lady.

Mom nom


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