Cincinnati Wanderings

It always seems to rain on my days off. But do we stay in? NOPE! Us Pacific Northwesterners can handle a little Midwest storming. My response? It’s coffee o’clock.


I moved to Cincinnati a month and a half ago, and to be honest I wasn’t excited about it. I’ve lived in the Midwest before, and have found that California is more my speed. That being said, the experience here in Cincinnati has been lovely! All it takes to have a great time (no matter what city you’re in) is a bit of an adventurous spirit. Oh…and maybe some street smarts. See that dark alley? Run away, California!


Today, Amanda and I went for a bit of an adventure downtown. We planned out our own mini-food tour of the town and set off!


We started in Fountain Square, the central gathering space in Cincinnati, and enjoyed a soft pretzel and people watching.


Wandering into the OTR district (Over the Rhine), we found a RAD coffee shop called The Coffee Emporium. This place had murals all over the walls, a hipster pig statue, and every sort of coffee and tea your little heart could desire!

IMG_8804IMG_8796 IMG_8795

Amanda and I had fully embraced our chocolatey downward spiral and ordered Mochas. Mine was a pretty little peanut butter number, and her’s was called the Chocolate Glacier. I guess you could say we don’t do anything halfway because we split a cookie as well (tee hee).

IMG_8801 IMG_8799 IMG_8798 IMG_8797

Hyped up on sugar, we wandered further into OTR to find a bakery called Shadeau Breads. Unfortunately, most of the breads were already sold out, so we’ll just have to go back. Luckily there was a cool looking bookstore across the street for us to busy ourselves with. Rare books and local coffee? Feels like Portland!

IMG_8806 IMG_8805IMG_8807

At this point, the sky was looking a bit formidable, so it was time to scurry back to the car. And now I’m back at the Marriot, lounging in bed and trying to pretend that I’m not being sucked into Orange is the New Black (as I allow netflix to autoplay another episode…).


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