A Bicycle Built for 16?

Nothing brings a smile to the random passers by like 15 tipsy ladies pedaling the Frankenstein-monster of the biking world around town!

It’s….ALIVE! I give you, the Pedal Wagon!

Pedal Wagon

The best part about hopping on a “bicycle built for sixteen” when combined with drinking is that no one has to take one for the team! We had a designated driver (Doug? I forget) who ferried us from establishment to establishment AND played DJ. We waved excitedly to the increasingly disgruntled line of cars behind us.


“Guys! My flip flop fell off!”

492 517

Some yelled “Pedal!” Others, “Row! Row!” It rather depended on the varying degree of affection for Norse Mythology and classic literature.

Our first stop was Neons Unplugged, a RAD little half-indoor, half-outdoor, pet friendly, giant jenga housing, beer garden heaven. Located in the “Over the Rhine” district (whatever that means), this place seemed to be the cool hangout on a Friday night. We broke in our first bar together with a round of our desired drink. Marg for me, per usual. We chatted and watched the locals in their natural habitat.

501 499 496

Hark! I hear the wheels turning…onward to the next location! Knockback Nats was our destination. This place was a bit sporty, a bit more “grown-up” as far as populace goes….naturally our first thought was to order a round of Fireball. That was a massive “Nope!” for me. If Fireball was a team captain in my High School Gym Class-themed nightmare, I would be picked last every time.

504 507

Our third and final stop was….was…ok, I forget. But we very quickly overtook the bar, monopolizing the jukebox with our bad 90s tunes and flirting with all the cute guys. Top night, ladies. Top night.

pedal4 pedal3 pedal1

Now I know that paying to ride a goofy looking bicycle around town while drinking is not unique to Cincinnati, but what a fun way to see the city! So go on, hop aboard! Don’t drink and drive, hire yourself a wagon!


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