Notes from the Southwest: Arches and Moab

11 June 14: 1326


We’re in Moab, Utah, and all I can manage to say is “Wow!” This town packs a seriously cool punch! I’ve never seen such high concentrations of hippies and adventurers (two of my favorite varieties of human)! Sandwiched between Arches National Park and Canyonlands, the possibility for adventure is infinite!


Yesterday we hiked through Arches and spent some time at Delicate Arch, the parks unofficial crown jewel. I almost felt like I was witnessing some sort of portal into an ancient world, a Stargate for all of you nerds out there. This massive arch towers like a crown opposite a rust-colored amphitheater, full of wide-eyed and smitten tourists and soul-searchers. Everyone took turns running down to pass under the arch, but the really special quality of the arch is its capacity for striking wonder into our hearts and minds. Seriously cool spiritual stuff going on here! And all walks of life can make that short 1.5 mile pilgrimage to this slowly eroding wonder. We took some time for reflection and meditation at the sight.

arches arches arches arches

Today we went canyoneering through Negro Bill Canyon, just a quick drive from town. Part of our little adventure involved belaying off of a 120ft high natural bridge called Morning Glory. The scenery was spectacular, and our guides were pretty dang cute. All in all a great day! We finished up at Peace Tree Cafe for fresh veggie juice and chia seed smoothies! I told you it was a hippy town!

arches arches Peace Tree Peace Tree Campsite

I cannot wait to get back to Moab! What a great time!


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