Art and the Temple of Grilled Cheese

I LOVE art museums. I love to wander their lonely, echoing halls on my own, peering into centuries old paintings and wondering at the time and craftsmanship behind the intricately carved statues.



I also love wandering through these halls with my best pals, giggling at the nudes (maturity fail), and making and listening to a colorful commentary.

pose pose Art Cincinnati

“She looks like she stabbing herself on her wedding day….” Clarissa pondered a painting called “The First Communion.” I smirked, but had to agree.


IMG_8837 IMG_8836

We admired the Van Gogh, and the new collection of silver pieces. Amanda got a bit too close in the Silver Collection and set off an alarm…classic Amanda.

Van Gogh IMG_8826 IMG_8828 IMG_8834 IMG_8838

The wandering continued until hunger took over. We hurried over to a place called The Eagle Food & Beer Hall. I had only heard amazing things about this place and (let me tell you) it was amazing.


Southern food galore! Everything we had was wonderful! We each ordered a side to share.

IMG_8844 IMG_8843 IMG_8841 IMG_8845

Jalapeno grits for Keegan.


French fries for Amanda.


Mac and Cheese for Clarissa.


And Spoon Bread for me.


One half of the table ordered fried chicken for an entree, while Keegan and I continued the cheese binge with a glorious grilled cheese sandwich. Sharp cheddar, granny smith apples, and apricot marmalade.


Just look at that stained glass window of cheesy heaven. Amazing!

IMG_8852 IMG_8854

Fly on over to the Eagle immediately!


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