And we danced….at Japps!


Well it’s been proven…I ain’t as good as I once was. In fact, I had to whip out the old glasses to feel functional this morning! As Cassie and I sit like the living dead at breakfast, attempting to shove down a bagel and coffee, we re-hash the events from last night.

"The burns us!"

“The light…it burns us!”

Reading over text messages reminds me of being lost in a foreign country. “I think you meant to say….” Despite our new realization that we have passed the point of quick recovery, we can’t help but giggle over our attempted group conversations, and screenshots of snapchats.

But let me pour another cup of coffee and dive into a tip top night with my leading ladies.

Japps Japps

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to dance. So when I read on their site that Japps hosts a dance party every Friday and Saturday night, my plans were made for me. We had been to Japps on a random Wednesday last month and it was a good time, but the dance party far exceeded my expectations.

IMG_8865 IMG_8871 IMG_8872 IMG_8877



The drink menu this week was themed “Robin Williams” and hosted a variety of obscure mixes named after the man’s films. I had a number called “Hook,” a sort of fancy margarita with jalepeno-y goodness infused into the tequila (YUM). Others included the “Birdcage,” and the “Dead Poets’ Society.”

IMG_8909  IMG_8885

We grabbed our drinks and trotted over to the Annex, an open space connected to the bar that played dance floor for the evening. The wall had a huge projector screen that was playing an old Fred Astaire film, and the music was a solid flow of oldies. None of that new crap that only repeats vulgar phrases and obnoxious beats. I knew we had struck gold when my main man Bob Seger came blasting through the speakers with “the jam,” Old Time Rock and Roll. And we danced.

IMG_8914 IMG_8884

This was my last night out with my Portland kittens for (probably) a very long time. But what a night! Cheers to Japps! Well done Cincinnati, well done.


I’m quite blue to say farewell to these superstars. Until we meet again.


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