Planet Texas: First Contact

First impressions of San Antonio: not as many cowboy hats as I had imagined…


Only one person has said “y’all” to me, and they must have sensed my desire to fulfill the (likely) ridiculous Texas fantasy I’ve built in my California brain, and therefore only used the term to appease me.


Mom and I are currently tucked into our seats, flying over the Texas Hill Country I’d imagine, munching on banana chips and flipping through magazines. We’re flying home to California after the three day Thelma and Louise journey to deliver my car to the new place. No one died on the trip, but we did have a grand ol time.


Yesterday we arrived in town, and after getting my new apartment settled, found our way downtown to our riverwalk hotel.

Full of flashy colors, noise, and tourists, this San Antonio attraction was teeming with life and excitement. There is nothing else like it: One story below street level, the river twists and turns, lined on either side by restaurants, shops, and mariachi singers. Mom likened it to Disneyland, and we proceeded to imagine alligators or hippos surfacing and gobbling up the ferry boats floating downstream.




Often possessing a rather peevish disposition, I spent 70% of my energy fighting strong impulses to push slow marching ranks of sweaty tourists into the water.


Ducking into an aggressively loud and colorful Mexican restaurant for a late lunch, we immediately grabbed margaritas and were seated towards the sidewalk of the open-aired structure. I scowled and Mom laughed as pigeons scavenged the floor, strutting around with an arrogant swagger. Flying rats…


Our food was good, fish tacos and enchiladas.  We narrowly escaped being serenaded by the deafness-inducing band after we heard the price. “For you, Senora, only $10 a song.” Mom was quite diplomatic, likely to combat my incredulity. Ummmm….NO!

After a very long stroll along the river, and a very short trip to the mall (tiny and packed with people), we ventured back to the sanctuary of our hotel for a quick siesta.


Eventually, we peeled ourselves from the cool comfort of air-condition-topia and into the San Antonio sauna. A quick stretch up the road brought us to the Alamo. The structure was gorgeous, and the area was full of spirit and wonder. Old architecture is my jam, so even from an aesthetic standpoint (not just historical), this was a massive treat.

IMG_9048 IMG_9047







Soon after, we wandered through nearby art galleries and antique shops. An older storekeeper did his best to sell Mom a pair of cowboy boots and custom inserts, but we eventually escaped. No really….escaped. I felt as though we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone and that we’d never get away from the man’s endless supply of stories about feet and proper shoe fit.


Our adventure ended after we walked to the San Fernando Cathedral. Wine was calling our names back at the hotel, and much needed sleep was close to follow.

I think Texas holds some very exciting adventures, so stay tuned friends!


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