Carmel by the Sea


I’m the kind of person who sets the alarm during vacations.

Up and at ’em folks, and there’s always a remedy for tiredness….coffee *whispered*

After taking full advantage of our complimentary breakfast, Julia and I set out to find a decent brew.

carmel 135

Having found our coffee, we continued the overcast morning with a stroll about town, wandering in and out of shops and snapping pictures along the way.

153 155 carmel carmel

The store fronts are full of personality and some of their signs were gorgeously crafted.

161 166 172 181

IMG_9164 IMG_9177 IMG_9178

We even found a juice bar tucked away in a back alley cafe!

juice juice

One more stop at the beach, and then we were off along highway 1 for the most beautiful drive in the country!

184 199 200 205 209 213

Our first stop along the way was at Point Lobos State Reserve. We were delighted to see tidepools and (a little ways off shore) whales flapping their fins and playing in the waves.

224 point lobos 229 231 236 239

It would have been easy to whale watch for hours, but we hurried along after only a few. Luckily, we had brought provisions in the form of a delicious pretzel sandwich purchased at a cute cafe in Carmel.


Sweeping views of the coastline and sparkling pacific drew us in at each turn.

big sur 244 247 257

We were blown away by the massive bridges that supported Highway 1, and joined the other tourists in snapping photos and staring in wonder.

262 269 271


Our drive ended at Big Sur. Now, I consider myself to be a decent hiker (see Zion), but I committed a capital hiking sin…inappropriate clothing and footware. Yes, I was one of those people….the people that you look at and think, “What the hell are you doing out here in nature?!” 3 grumpy miles later, we changed into less constrictive clothing and began our drive home.

big sur 291 296 300 302

Gorgeous two days on the coast!