Texas BBQ

This past weekend, I had a true Texan experience.


We were driving up to Wichita Falls for the weekend and had been advised that Hard 8 BBQ was a rather fine spot for meal. Boy were we in for a treat!

bbq bbq

Here’s how it goes down.

Get yourself in line. Stand for a minute or 5 looking incredibly confused. Pit master emerges from the smoke like Satan, tempting us Texas-BBQ-novices with smoked meat…. “Oh, god…what do we do.”


bbq bbq

Panicked, we make the decision to order….uhhhh…..Turkey! Yes, turkey sounds safe. (Yes, I do realize brisket would have been a more obvious BBQ choice).


“Would you like it dipped in garlic butter?” Shut up and take my money, I nearly let slip. “Absolutely!” We reply.


They send us inside to a sort of build-a-bear workshop, but instead of building stuffed bears, we’re building the sandwich that steals your sandwich’s lunch money.

bbq bbq

Now scroll back up for a minute and look again. That’s one mean sucker.


Not only do they give you deliciously smoked meat, but couple that with a Jalapeno bun, pickles and onions, and their signature sauce. Yep, goodnight evening plans. This sandwich will own you with the amount of energy it will require to digest. One more time….scroll back up.

033 039 035 049

Despite what you may have heard, not everything is bigger in Texas. Case and point: your stomach. I bring the bad news that stomachs do not magically grow when you enter the nation of Texas.

We decided to ignore our “guts” and continue to fill them. With this:

Dessert Dessert

What is this? I still have no idea. It’s as though they took a piece of pie and stuffed it into a cup. Keegan got an apple crumpled up piece of pie in a cup while I went for the blackberry version. Both were pretty stellar.

The building itself was a sort of saloon look-a-like full of natives. We were giddy at the sight of numerous high school football fans tanking up for the big Friday night game. Anyone else a huge Friday Night Lights fan??

051 055

Anyway, if you happen to be driving north on the 281, do yourself a favor and cross over to the tasty side. Texas BBQ does not disappoint!