Moonshine in Austin

My friend and I were passing through Austin on the 35 when, all of a sudden, HUNGER STRUCK! Thank God for smartphones, “Siri, what restaurants are near me??”


We pulled right off and found Moonshine, possibly one of the easiest restaurants to get to. Lucky for us, we pulled in right at 5PM, their opening time for the evening. We were seated immediately, under the string lights on the back patio. They had a lovely indoor seating area, but the breeze was pleasant so we opted for the outdoors.
moonshine moonshine moonshine moonshine Moonshine
Our waiter greeted us with mason jars  and the question, “Can I bring you any citrus or cucumber from the bar for your water?” We asked for orange slices and cucumbers. Delicious. He also brought us a bucket of buttery, paprika-dusted popcorn.
Moonshine Moonshine moonshine
We decided to order an appetizer, and soon had a plate of roasted garlic, toast, goat cheese, arugula, and roasted red peppers. If I was a super villain, my evil super-power would be garlic breath! HaHAH! (emphasis on the Hhhhhhhh). Thank you parents for instilling in me a deep love for this odorous bulb. This is for you!
Moonshine Moonshine
I ordered the Bohemian Wrap, adding chicken as the waiter suggested. It was AMAZING. For my side I got the Jalapeno grits. If grits are on the menu, I am bound by some supernatural power to order them.
My friend ordered the roasted turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries. The sandwich was great, but the fries were the real star for me. They were a bit spicy, but in an alluring way, not an aggressive way.
Unfortunately, dessert was not an option for us, but they all looked wonderful. I was a bit stuffed!  Especially after our waiter dropped off a “complimentary basket of corn muffins.”  Get back, Satan! I thought to myself as I ate another.
Reasonably priced, and a totally chill, hipster vibe. I would absolutely recommend this to my mother, grandmother, boss, best friend, or you, the lovely person reading this that I do not know. I do, however know one thing about you: if you go to Moonshine, you will love it!
Stay hungry, my friends.



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