Snaps from the Weekend

Here are a few pictures to put my weekend in perspective. In case you can’t tell, it was pretty rad!

We begin the way all good things begin…with a little Beyonce.


Followed by a car selfie or two.


Fast forward 6 hours, some delicious BBQ, and flash flood warnings (and however many hundred miles).

Bippity boppity BOOze. We decided to craft our own margaritas.

070 081 083

We went country dancing after, but there was NO WAY I was bringing my new camera to a bar, so no pictures. The next morning we woke up to these beauties!

Wildflowers Wildflowers Wildflowers Wildflowers Field Wildflowers Wildflowers Wildflowers

And after an afternoon of skeet shooting and pool lounging, it was time for Octoberfest! Good old fashioned fun!

Octoberfest 106 111 112 118 Octoberfest Octoberfest Octoberfest Octoberfest Octoberfest

Great food, great drink, great people, running into old friends, making new friends…you really just can’t beat that!







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