California Day in Texas

It’s no secret, I LOVE California. It’s where my folks are, so it’s where my heart is. But it’s also beautiful, and the weather rocks!


I was delighted to have a very “California” day this week.


Mermaids Lauren and Keegan were able to rest on the tanning shelf in the cool waters of the apartment complex pool, and then rest in the sun until the reality of burning skin set in.

Not to worry! Texas, you lovely little state you, I’m so happy that you are embracing the juice-bar-California-living way of life! Bravo.

Farm to Juice

We chose a little place up the road, part of a trio of juice bars in town called Farm to Juice. You can check out their full menu here.

Farm to Juice

I enjoyed the Baughn Bomb, a gorgeous combination of apple, basil, ginger, grapefruit, Himalayan Sea Salt, HGW, and orange.

Farm to Juice Farm to Juice

The Keegster went for the Refresh, deliciousness forged in the form of apple, beets, fennel, grapes, lemon, and red cabbage.

Farm to Juice

The customer service was wonderful. The staff was attentive, made suggestions, and gave us free samples of juice and a fresh batch of coconut yogurt! If you follow my instagram, you know how I feel about coconuts!

It was a lovely reminder of being a VERY happy bear in the wonderful land of California. Cheers, Texas. Thanks for the mini-vacation.




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