Texas Sunset: Part 2

Last night we found an urban oasis.


Another site that popped up on our “best sunsets in San Antonio” search was the Hays St Bridge. After work, Erika and I hopped into my car for a quick drive downtown.

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Located pretty close the Alamo (maybe a mile or so away), is a beautiful wooden planked bridge, crossing a rail yard while casting the bridge-crosser’s eye right into the heart of San Antonio’s skyline.

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We were mesmerized as the sun painted the sky in cerulean, amethyst, and tangerine, peeking through the buildings and reflecting its rays off of wispy white clouds.

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I wouldn’t recommend heading out here on your own, definitely bring a buddy or two. I’m a believer in strength in numbers, I guess in that regard I’m like the stray cats that frequent our apartment complex. It’s not too sketchy, there were just a number of youths with questionable haircuts and hygiene lounging idly along the bridge. Maybe they’re also just HUGE sunset fans? Don’t chance it….alley cat mentality. But the view, the glorious view, is 100% worth it.

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