City Guide: San Antonio – The Big Bib

San Antonio

Texas knows a thing or two about barbeque (that rhyming was intentional!).

San Antonio

Recovering from a rather fatiguing evening out the night before, I decided to call up Keegan for a top dinner experience, accompanied of course by a trip to the bookstore. I know, reeeeeally exciting Saturday night plans. But let me tell you, this meal was pretty amazing, and bookstores never disappoint.

San Antonio

The Big Bib popped up on TripAdvisor as the top restaurant in San Antonio, so there was no question of where we should hop over to. And the drive was easy from my apartment, which is always a plus. I affectionately call San Antonio traffic the San Antonio Soup. Mainly because it’s all jumbled and the natives DO NOT use blinkers! I mean….WHAT?! Maybe I’m old fashioned like that, but I’m pretty sure the reason blinkers are on cars is to signal to other cars…I digress.

San Antonio

The Big Bib is quite unassuming from the outside.

It’s located in a bit of a sketchy looking strip mall, but has a lovely patio off to the side of the restaurant. The curb to get up to the restaurant is a bit “a la Everest,” and we enjoyed watching a minivan catch some air during it’s exit. I laughed, but in my head imagined my little car bottoming out on that same mountainous curb.

We walk inside and found it  alive with patrons talking to the staff with statements along the lines of, “We drove down from Austin just for the brisket!”

San Antonio

Ooh de lally! I think to myself. The owner took our order and gave suggestions based on what we liked and expressed interest in.

Keegan and I had decided after our last BBQ experience, that we would definitely order brisket next time, so our path was already before us.

San Antonio

I ordered “mixed brisket,” meaning it had a bit of fat running throughout. I also had the collard greens and the sweet potato casserole.

San Antonio

Keegan ordered the same, apart from the collard greens (which was a good decision since they really weren’t that good). She ordered the cole slaw.

San Antonio

The food was amazing! The real star for me was the sweet potato casserole. It seriously tasted like Thanksgiving.

San Antonio San Antonio

“Lauren, Keegan? Y’all still doing ok?” The owner called out to us towards the end of our meal. Now that is hospitality!

So if you’re in San Antonio, I would highly recommend a stop at The Big Bib. Check out their menu and then hurry off to one of San Antonio’s top spots.



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