City Guide San Antonio: El Jarro de Arturo

I am reluctant to give any restaurant a bad review, but in the famous words of Rocky, “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows…”

San Antonio

So my friend and I tried this place out for two reasons….sometimes, Mexican food is the only thing that sounds edible, and sometimes, you don’t want to brave rush hour traffic in the land of San Antonio: a place where blinkers are sad, neglected, dying breeds.

But wait, El Jarro De Arturo is right down the road?!? Hurray! And there’s no wait?!? I repeat, Hurray!

San Antonio

Chapter 1: A Sensory Experience

To be frank, that honeymoon period ended at the point we sat down. I was a bit taken aback by the prominent bathroom-y smell. I mean, this was forgivable…maybe they just made a mistake when picking out air fresheners. But then, why do they need to “freshen” delicious Mexican food laced air?

San Antonio

San Antonio

Chapter 2: “Yeah, I don’t eat this kind of food.”

Here’s tip 1 for waiters; when a patron asks you what your favorite thing on the menu is, make something up! Or at the very least, do not say, “I don’t really know, I don’t eat this kind of food.” Ummm, what? I was prepared to dislike the food simply because my waiter basically told me that the food isn’t good enough to eat during shift. And he probably doesn’t even have to pay for it.

San Antonio

The salsa was free, but pretty tasteless. It sat on our table, only being nibbled on because I was desperately hungry.

Chapter 3: First Contact

The food was…pretty good. I mean, it was edible. It didn’t make me sick. But it also didn’t make me sing! It must be very difficult to compete in San Antonio in the realms of BBQ and Mexican, so maybe this is unjust. But that being said, this was very average. That’s about all I have to say. I had the puffy chicken tacos (mainly because this combination of words piqued a certain amount of curiosity in me).

San Antonio San Antonio

My friend got steak fajita tacos that were not really fajita-y AT ALL. But she said they were decent.

San Antonio

Would I recommend this place? Sure, if you’re really hungry for average Mexican food.



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