Friday Links – Wanderlust Edition

Alright, it’s that time of the week. What sites have me trolling around the internet this week? Right this way, good sir!

Exhibit A: The Wild Yonder Project

I love to try out new platforms and design new sites. The idea for this project was born over the summer, likely over a glass of cab sav on the back patio. My sis and I have numerous illustrations and ideas all set to roll out into a T-shirt line, possibly as soon as the end of the year. Stay tuned, exciting things are in store! This site is just a bit of an experiment, a developing platform celebrating the spirit of adventure and soon to be home to the precious creations of a dynamic duo.

Exhibit B: Roadtrippers

If you’re planning on visiting the states, or you’re living here and just need ideas of things to do, THIS is the site for you. Off-the-beaten-path galore! What’s the weirdest thing to do in x, y, or z? Find it all consolidated on to one useful and rather fetching webpage. I had the good fortune of running into one of the photographers for this website when I was training in Cincinnati. He specializes in time-lapse, and does some stunning work. Check him out here: Joel Schat

Exhibit C: I’m So Francy

The only thing I love MORE than a travel blog, is a travel blog written by someone I know. How exciting??! To play along at home, when you know the person who’s out having adventures?? It’s a beautiful thing. This is the journal of my high school friend, Emily. She is teaching English to high school students (the brave soul). Check out her adventures and be jealous of all the delicious looking food she gets to eat!

Exhibit D: Ken Kaminesky

This is a beautiful travel photography blog. The images that Ken creates are intricately composed, and make me restless for travel.

Exhibit E: European Vacations

So my current obsession is with planning a New Years trip to the UK and France. This site is pretty helpful for ideas, and the flight and hotel combos are appealing. I just need to decide whether or not to grunge it up in hostels and wander blind with the spirit of adventure as a guide or to actually plan and make the trip less spontaneous.


That’s all for now. If you have a link that you think I might enjoy, go ahead and send it my way.



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