San Antonio City Guide: Comanche Lookout Park

Do you like to run? I sure do. And last night I found an enchanted forest. (mysterious hand waving)

Forest  Forest


Comanche Lookout Park is SUPER convenient to my new place, so you could imagine my excited freakout when I realized how wonderful it is for an evening jog.

Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest

Half of the paths are paved, so if you aren’t feeling the possibility of a twisted ankle you can ease on down the road. If, however, you also like to live dangerously (yeah, baby, yeeeah), take the rocky paths that curve in and out of this pleasant wooded oasis. And at the top of the hill is a RAD, stone lookout tower! How cool is that?

Forest Forest Forest Forest

This park was amazingly busy. There were runners, and walkers, and strollers, and other combinations of activity. I felt a bit like a secret agent tucked away in the bushes and trees trying to capture the beauty of the greenery with my camera and admiring the sparkling quality of light as it filtered through the tree tops.

Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest

After I had run the battery on my camera down to nothing, I jogged back to the car and popped it in the trunk. Time for a run! It’s been a while since I had a nice forest run, and once again, I found my happy place.

Forest Forest

Check it out and get back in touch with nature.



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