Apple Crisp on a typical Tuesday Night

I don’t know about you, but in my world, Tuesday evenings are not complete without Apple Crisp and The Prince of Egypt.

Apple Crisp

Or some combination of deliciousness and cartoons. Now, the Prince of Egypt isn’t just some animated flick. Whether you’re religious or not, you cannot beat an epic story about two brothers at odds in an epic plague littered battle for power and freedom! And that soundtrack! And the super star voice lineup?? Ok, calm it down, waaaay down, Lauren. But seriously, if you haven’t seen it then do so immediately.

Apple Crisp

Back to apple crisp. Erika got it in her brain to cook up some delicious apple crisp and I wasn’t going to argue. While she peeled apples, and whipped up the most crumbly and sweet oat topping, I drew mustaches on little papers, enjoying how poor I look with facial hair, and snapped pictures of her progress. Typical.



The recipe was one of the queen’s, miss Martha Stewart. I don’t care what anyone says, Martha Stewart knows what’s up. She has everyone beat in the realms of crafting, cooking, decorating, and general world ruling.

Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp Apple Crisp

So do yourself a Fall favor, and make an Apple Crisp, tucking into sweet deliciousness and watching an epic story such as Moses and Ramses.


Lauren + Erika

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