San Antonio City Guide: Horse Races

Saturday was a proper evening out! Races My brother was in town for the weekend, and after a rowdy night out in Austin (unfortunately no pictures), we decided to skip the Saturday night bar scene in San Antonio and head to the Races! Nothing like watching horses run around a track whilst sipping on a quality beverage! I use the term “beverage” loosely… Races The Retama Race Track is practically in my backyard, so a quick 3 minute drive makes for the most convenient of evenings out. Races Races Races Races Roman, Erika, April, and I grabbed our beverages and trotted over to meet the horses. Well, the lead horses anyway. Such beautiful animals, I felt like one of the little kids climbing on the fences excitedly. Races Races Races Races The second race was about to begin (we missed the first after deciding to put on an episode of American Horror Story), so we made our way to the second floor balconies and took a seat. Races Races The races were pretty dang exciting! And by exciting I mean that the 1 minute every half an hour that they actually raced was exciting. The rest of our time was spent stomping on the ninja-crickets the size of small children that would drop out of the sky like rockets. I felt like the cricket terminator and was pretty stoked that it was cold enough to break out the fall boots! Races Races Races Speaking of….fall has FINALLY arrived in San Antonio. So far, this has translated to rain, rain, a burst of cold, and then back to moderately warm. But you know what? I’ll take it. It reminds me of Portland, which is never a bad thing. Xx, Lauren

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