San Antonio City Guide: The Touisty Things

Whenever someone comes to town, you have to do the touristy things.
It’s a necessary evil.

But San Antonio really has some unique tourist traps. Considering my brother was only in town for a few days, and one of those days was technically spent out of town, we crammed it all into one afternoon.


We started our tour with a late wakeup and pot of coffee #1. Saturday night was…a Saturday night, so sleeping in was absolutely necessary for each of us. Even for an old person such as myself who tends to wake up at 7am no matter what!


We finally got moving and decided on some quality Texas BBQ for lunch. The Big Bib opens for lunch at noon on Sundays, and upon arrival (at 1155), we were immediately greeted by an out-the-door line! But it’s worth the short wait.

Texas Texas Texas

After loading up on delicious food, we hopped on the 281 and went downtown. First up was the Alamo. Despite its touristy nature, I’m a big fan of the Alamo.  I think it’s beautiful and even spiritual. And the architecture is so lovely, though I’m biased to “mission architecture” being from the golden state.

Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas

After walking through the Alamo, we strolled over to one of the entry ways to the Riverwalk. It wasn’t horribly crowded, and we avoided the main strip, skirting along the more Northern end. That being said, it’s overrated, and San Antonio has MUCH better things to offer.

Texas Texas Texas Texas Texas

After exhausting ourselves downtown, I took Roman to one of my favorite local coffee shops called….Local Coffee. It might just be the most hipster place in town; waxed mustaches, reclaimed, industrial-style furniture, quirky young professionals typing away on Macs, and then the novelty bearded mountain man in the corner sipping on a pot of tea and reading the paper. Complete with suspenders….obviously. Again, a lovely reminder of Portland!

Coffee Coffee Coffee

This weekend was wonderful! Having company is such a blessing, especially when it’s family. Now that Erika and I are in the new place, hopefully we’ll often have guests. Let me know if you’re ever in San Antonio, I love playing tour guide!



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