San Antonio City Guide: Magnolia Pancake Haus

I like to think about breakfast as a spiritual experience.

Like some kind of desert hermit, or spirit guru, we have participated in a fast, allowing our bodies to recuperate in the sweet stillness of sleep(or not, if like myself you subject yourself to American Horror Story on a nightly basis). My mattress salesman skillfully swindled me into buying a more expensive mattress with this dramatic line; we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep. Now unless you have some kind of nocturnal binge habit, that means that you break this extensive activity of fasting with a meal….you guessed it, breakfast!


Now when you are new to a city, it is your obligation as a future host to explore the local hot spots, on a noble quest to find the best breakfast, a meal to end all meals, an easy means of entertaining guests without a pile of dishes in your own kitchen. So make yourself a pot of coffee and pay attention to this San Antonio breakfast oasis: Magnolia Pancake Haus.

Breakfast breakfast

Imagine walking into Grandma’s house, unless your grandma’s house is full of ceramic cats and dusty mauve furniture, in which case…imagine walking into a stereotypical grandma’s house. It’s nothing fancy, it could probably use a paint job and you automatically feel like someone is going to materialize and ask you how school is going despite having graduated a year ago…but you can’t help but automatically feel at home there. Magnolia Pancake Haus gives off those grandma-vibes. It screams, “Sure, you can eat cake for breakfast! Want to chase it with a biscuit?”

Breakfast Breakfast

We had originally intended that our quest would take us to the King Williams district, and we did enjoy a nice drive to that part of town. But having had a full pot of coffee that morning and no food pushing 11 AM, my shakey hands didn’t appreciate the hostess telling us that there’d be an hour and a half wait. We immediately jumped back in the car and drove to Magnolia. They use an app (No Wait?) that allows you to put your name on the list en route. We hardly had to wait at all.


As much as I fancy pancakes, I went with an omelet. Roasted chicken, swiss, and salsa verde. It wasn’t messing around. That was a dang good omelet. Keegan had the Bodega Bay Omelet, a smoked applewood bacon, arugula, and goat cheese beauty. Erika ordered the hash and an omelet that I can’t remember the name of. It always makes me chuckle when someone says to the waitress…”I’ll have the hash.” But maybe that’s just my immature side popping out.

Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast

All of it was delicious, and reasonably priced. Even their drip coffee was decent! What more could you ask for?

Good luck on your own breakfast quest….breakquest? Go forth and explore.


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