Flannel and Christmas Cookies

I woke up the morning of the 23rd at 5am, having no idea where I was. Flannel sheets……no, this isn’t normal, coffee’s already brewed….I can smell it from….downstairs! I’m home!


Throwing on my lumberjack shirt, I ran downstairs and found my mom, sitting by the Christmas tree reading a magazine. I grabbed a mug, plopped down next to Mom and we chatted, just like the old days of summer. Rudy immediately shoved his nose in my face, demanding to be petted.

Rudy RudyDaisy

Tired ol’ Daisy just stared off into space the way she always does. The rest of the crew filed in over the next few hours and we had a breakfast feast.

The day was spent visiting family and getting some last minute Christmas shopping done.


When Julia got home, we got busy making traditional Christmas cookies. Rudy watched us the whole time, puppy-dog eyes activated.

Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies Cookies CookiesRudy

Another great day at home.



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