Waking up in New Orleans

The craziest ideas, more often than not, turn into the most wonderful adventures.

New Orleans

Welcome to N’awlins! Or NOLA, or New OR-Leens. However you say it, young or old, toothless or fully toothed, accent or none, it’s a bundle of fun.

New Orleans

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The journey is definitely worth mentioning. Primarily because we began our epic road trip after I got off of work. At 8pm.

New Orleans

Coffee, red bull, pump-up tunes. It sort of worked. We rolled into our hotel around 5am. After being stopped by an accident for a half hour about 20 minutes from our hotel. Delirious? Check. Hallucinating? Semi-check.

But what a hotel! We walked into a grand hall full of cozy velvet covered corners and oversized furniture.

New Orleans New Orleans

The Saint is a Marriott Autograph brand, and I can’t recommend it enough. It was stunning, down to every detail. You walk into the elevator and are greeted by an ever smiling Louis Armstrong, singing jazz tunes on a black and white screen. The elevator doors pop open and you’re enveloped in a hazy purple hallway, the whole place had a bit of a nightclub feel. The only other guest we saw when we arrived was a very drunk business man who pushed his phone up to the hotel clerk. “Hey! Tell my wife,” he stumbled over his words, “tell her I’m back at the Saint. Yeah, the Saint hotel.”

New Orleans New OrleansNew OrleansNew Orleans

We fell asleep right away, but woke up in the loveliest hotel room. Crisp white linen offset by a cerulean ceiling and exposed brick wall. Tall windows welcomed in the sunny and 65 degree weather. Unfortunately, my 5am brain forgot to snap a few photos of the room before we made ourselves at home, but just take my word for it….it was like floating in the clouds.

New Orleans

“Ahhhhh….” I thought to myself as I made some coffee. There’s nothing like waking up in a place you’ve never been before. And if any place is a Wonderland, New Orleans would definitely qualify.

New Orleans



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