Banana Bread and other Rainy Day Essentials

Banana Bread

I was recently tasked with buying food for an awards ceremony. All was well, until “genius brain Lauren” decided to put the bananas into the hospital refrigerator, only to find out a half an hour prior to the ceremony that it was actually a freezer. Yeah.

Banana Bread

Long story short, I was left to play caretaker to more bananas than any flesh and blood human being could consume. The amount of bananas I had in my freezer was bananas! And as is the nature of a banana, they went from perfect to two steps below rotten in about 30 seconds. I threw them in my freezer at home and procrastinated baking bread. Until this morning.

Banana Bread

January in Texas is like a moody teenager. It was sunny and 80 degrees a few days ago, and now the sky is producing the sort of rain that can only be described as “spittle.”

Full pot of coffee? Bring it on.

Set your oven to 350 degrees.

Now gather your ingredients:

2-3 nearly “too far gone” bananas

1/3 Cup of canola oil

1 Cup sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon baking soda

pinch of salt

1.5 Cups all purpose flour

Now, mash the crap out of those bananas. Those bananas kicked your dog and drank your last beer.

Banana Bread

Next, add the oil. Looks delicious? No? Just you wait.

Baking soda and salt…into the pot. If you drop things in from an unnatural height, you feel fancier. Feel free to add descriptive sounds, “KaBAM! Pitchawwww!”

Banana Bread

Now sugar, beaten egg, and vanilla.

And finally the flour.

Put it in a greased baking dish, I used a round ceramic dish. It looks nice, very Grandma-chic.

But it seems to be missing something. Banana……banana and peanut butter?…….Banana, peanut butter, and CHOCOLATE! Hot damn! Like the Frankenstein monster, my banana bread comes to life as melted peanut butter and chocolate spread is drizzled delicately over the banana-y batter.

Banana Bread Banana Bread Banana Bread Banana Bread

Go on…..lick the screen.

Banana Bread

The rest of my rainy day will be spent perusing some excellent cooking websites:

Cooking Comically

Smitten Kitchen

Reading the Bard with the fuzziest of fuzzy blankets. And then venturing out for a massage.

Banana Bread



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