Frozen Forest Frolic

On a day off, I want to go do something! Even if it’s hell-frozen-over cold outside…


When in doubt, go to the park. Need to meditate? Park. Some fool need slapping? Go to the park instead. Thinking about bleaching your hair blonde? Do yourself a favor and think it over at the park. Take it from someone with experience….


Ooops….was going through a major Game of Thrones/Disney’s Frozen phase. “It is known.”

Anyway….back to the post at hand.


Here was my most recent (and freezing) meditative experience in the park:

Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest

I love the graffiti effect of the sketchy tar job on the paths. Things can really take a beautiful form when you change your perspective slightly. Whenever I’m in a new place, I try to watch the vertical plane as well as the horizontal. There might be something wonderful below your feet or floating above you!

Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest

There is something wonderful about seeing an old watch tower in the middle of metropolitan Texas. If this tower was still used as a lookout point (it is called Comanche Lookout Park), there would be 1) a giant star, and 2) a sign reading, “Don’t mess with Texas!” hanging from the stones. This phrase is widely applicable when it comes to day-to-day Texas living. (That’s a tip folks.) When someone poses the question “Why?” simply respond, “Because you don’t mess with Texas.” Trust me. *Gives thumbs up sign*

Forest 042 Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest

Happy Wandering!



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