Lazy Monday Morning

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a job must be in want of a day off.


Ok, so maybe Jane Austen said something a bit different, but my statement is also true. I LOVE having a morning off, stretching in bed like I’m auditioning for a mattress commercial, and knowing that I have the opportunity to drink an ENTIRE pot of coffee before I even eat breakfast.

Morning Morning Morning

With many fuzzy blankets fashioned into a sort of nest, I take a few extra “snooze” opportunities and then open the blinds to prevent further sleeping. “Alright, sailor,” I say to myself, “there is a life to be lived! Get your butt out of bed.” Coffee then ensues.

Morning Morning Morning Morning

Lazy mornings inevitably entail some sort of creative outlet as well. Sketching? Maybe. Calligraphy? Maybe. Solving world hunger? Casual. Wondering if, somewhere, out in the universe, there is an alternative yet identical you, wondering if there is an alternative yet identical her? Ok, enough thinking.

Morning Morning

I’m sure to keep plenty of mediums close at hand. My favorites of the moment are a collection of old empty books, a christmas present from JP, and a scroll of loose sheets that was sketchily labled as “Old Paper” at Pandora’s Box…..I mean…..Hobby Lobby.

Morning Morning Morning Morning Morning

Follow those things up with a spin class and BOOM! You’re on your way to having a spectacular day.



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