San Antonio City Guide: CommonWealth Coffeehouse

“We have no plans to open a second location, no plans to expand really,” the woman at the counter explained, “It’s named CommonWealth because we want this to be a gathering place for the community. That is our only goal.”


Katie texted me this morning, suggesting we meet up for coffee at this little shop and I was delighted by what we found.

CommonWealth CommonWealth CommonWealth

Fashioned into an old (1950s) ranch style house, CommonWealth really is a “home” in the community. The cashier sits behind colorful rows of golden, flaky patisserie style pastries, colorful tarts, and deliciously crafted chocolates. Behind the counter lives shelves of nostalgia, kooky coffee brewers, and plates piled high.

CommonWealth CommonWealth CommonWealth    CommonWealth

I decided on a double espresso, while Katie tested their drip coffee. All of their pastries are prepared by two French men, hardly speaking any English and both coming from long lines of French bakers. Je me appelle Lauren et Je te aime! (Bats eyelashes)


Almond pastries, tomato basil soup, and a peach tart filled our tummies while we discussed literature, life, and plans for world domination….I mean….world peace.

CommonWealth CommonWealth CommonWealth

CommonWealth is full of mismatched chairs, overstuffed sofas, and tiny cafe tables. It really is a lovely spot for a bite and a chat.


After our snacks, we decided to take a walk at the campus across the street. The trees were blooming with the most magnificent berry-colored blossoms. Perks of being a nurse I suppose, you can have a proper Sunday afternoon in the middle of the week if the scheduling gods permit! CommonWealth CommonWealth CommonWealth CommonWealth

See CommonWealth for yourself. Check ’em out here.



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