Pirates and Picnics

“HELP!” I yell across the water. Julia is paddling 200ft ahead. She turns back with a quizzical look.


“Help! I can’t stop smiling!” She returns the grin, slows up her paddle board and we ferry ourselves into a small inlet to lazily drift for a minute or two.


Today, we are pirates, I think to myself. I have a raft, a rather fetching piece of head wear, and no rules but to stay afloat and explore the open water! Yes! We are pirates. Julia and I float along, enjoying Lake Natoma. We chat about life, our dreams, future business plans, other plottings and imaginings. And it’s true, I CAN’T stop smiling.

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After our day of floating across crystal waters, under massive oak trees with a constant panoramic view of California’s golden foothills, we pull to shore and throw a little slackline up at our picnic spot. Mom said that she’d meet up with us and BOY did she bring the party.

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“One of my clients says that a picnic is not complete without a linen table cloth and a candelabra.” We’re fresh out of antique candelabras, but that did not dim this hippy feast. She hums happily as she lays out a feast of tuna salad sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies, and delicious guacamole. YUM!

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