Hawaii: Mother Nature's Jewelry Box

0345: My alarm sounds….”Am I in hell?” I think to myself. “Is this some kind of joke? Wait, is that an alien? Are those power tools??” I sit up in a panic! But as I pry my eyes open and they scan the room, they happen to fall upon several suitcases.



With a bit more energy, I hop out of bed, throw on a pair of buddha pants and strap on my pack. In true Bilbo style, I run out of my room and yell, “I’m going on an adventure!”


After a quick stop in Seattle (and outfit photos obviously. Except when it comes to socks and sandals I suppose I probably don’t have any shame), we set off on a 6 hour journey to one of the most beautiful places imaginable.


Of course I didn’t sleep. Excitement? Maybe. Dude next to me sharing life story? Definitely. Middle seat with no nonhuman thing to lean on? Most likely.


But let’s get down to business. As soon as we landed, we snatched up our rental car (an entire bucket of nonsense hardly worth relating) and went straight to the beach to meet my darling friend, Mary. Driving through the island is like stepping into a massive jewelry box, sapphire sky, emerald mountains, golden sun, silver sand.


Lanikai Beach in Kailua really has a local feel. We didn’t even mess around with Waikiki. Way too crowded, way too stuffy. Lanikai was busy, but not unpleasantly so.


We jumped into the ocean immediatly and caught up the way you should catch up in Hawaii; floating in shallow clear waves in sunny and 80 degree weather. *Collective sigh*


With no plans set for the entire vacation, we decided that sunset on the North Shore was a wise next move. After picking up a few more friends, we took the scenic route along the eastern edge of Oahu, twisting and turning with postcard views every moments. Waimea Bay was our destination.


Groups dotted the beach, some with ukuleles, others playing football, others cliff jumping and swimming. The sunset was gorgeous, and the company was rad. It was a beautiful introduction the the island.



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