Hawaii: Gloriously Unreal Reality

Every time you wake up in Hawaii, there is the distinct possibility that you are still dreaming. Hawaii Day 2: We woke up at our friend, Bobby,’s house, who graciously hosted us on the Island of Oahu. Being lovers of the outdoors, we were itching to hit some trails, up for a challenge, and the hike we landed on certainly delivered. Googling hikes on the way to breakfast, this particular trail called to my childhood dream of being Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; “Lulumahu Falls: the old ruins, bamboo forest, and 50ft waterfall make you feel like you’ve leaped right into one of the Indiana Jones movies.” Ummm, what? The decision was made. With Bobby’s girlfriend’s dog running the length of our group, checking on each of us every few minutes on the trail, we were a crew with a mission. The trail was muddy, not all together clearly marked, and with its share of “Turn back, not accessible” signs scattered throughout, the trail was more than ideal. Here are some sample pictures:

HawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaii After the hike, Julia and I decided to take the same drive that Mary showed us the day before, except this time we pulled off to the side of the rode whenever something looked particularly interesting. It went something like, “Ooooh that’s pretty!” about every two minutes. That behavior was not sustainable if we wanted to make it back up to North Shore for dinner and sunset. Hawaii We stopped at the Macadamia Nut Farm for some photos and to collect coconuts to enjoy on the beach. I have always been a fan of the coconut, but having a dude with dreads and face paint hack one open with a machete and hand it to you with a straw and a smile really ups the ante on your coconut game. HawaiiHawaiiHawaii Continuing on to North Shore, Julia and I parked our selves at Sunset Beach for a little relaxing, hammock napping, and a bit of handstand and acro yoga practice. During our practice, we made friends with a local who had stopped by to scope out the waves. Turns out our new friend was a surfer and offered to give us a surf lesson the next day! This entire trip has been so full of generosity and kindness. People really are pretty freaking cool. Anyway, we hung out and showed him a bit of acro before taking off to grab food and head to Waimea Bay for sunset. HawaiiHawaiiHawaiiHawaii We stopped at an Acai Bowl Food Cart and had our superfood right on the beach, toes in the sand and eyes on the descending sun. It was truly a delight. And twilight swimming to top off the day? An hour of floating in amethyst and teal water, sparkling with the last light of a summer day was enough to make me, once again, wonder if I’m in a dream or some gloriously unreal reality. HawaiiHawaii Xx, Lauren

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