Hawaii: The Magic of Living

Day 4:

Julia and I started our fourth day in Hawaii at a restaurant called Cinnamon’s. I think we were the grubbiest people in there, hiking gear table side, bandanas tied, trace amounts of mud on feet and legs. Yes, the adventuring never stops! We split the two specials: Fajita breakfast burrito and Macadamia Nut/Chocolate explosion of happiness french toast.


We met Mary at the farmer’s market across the street and began our adventure after picking up a few more friends.

The first adventure of the day was a hike to a beautiful two tiered waterfall complete with cliffs for jumping.


The waterfall was gorgeous, but it was pretty crowded. So after a lovely swim, we hiked back out and drove to our next adventure destination: The King’s Summer Palace.


The ruins were gorgeous, and spiritual, but the real star of the space was a massive Banyan Tree a few minutes down the trail.


It almost felt like a thousand trees melting into one, offering their branches for climbing. And climb we did! This is actually my favorite memory from the trip. This tree felt like a home, and I did not want to leave.


But our next adventure was calling. We kept hiking through the bamboo forest and slid down a muddy hill to get to another GORGEOUS waterfall, this one without the crowd! And as we swam beneath the falls, a rainbow emerged above us! Mary played her ukulele while we relaxed on the rocks.


Our final stop before dinner was a 35ft cliff jump into a gorgeous pond about 2 minutes off of the Na Pali Freeway.


We had dinner on Mary’s friend’s boat and then slipped again into dreamland. Truly, a magical day.



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