Sunrise in Kauai

Now I have seen some pretty amazing sunrises in my life, but this one tops them all.


I think that everything is just a bit “more” in Kauai. More electrifying. More saturated. More spiritual.


Maybe it’s the beach that you only share with serene waves, kissing the shore.


Maybe it’s the slight blur in your eyes as the sun triumphantly leaps above the water. Maybe it’s the kaleidoscopic effect of the perfectly still reflection in the water.


More personal. More magical. Anyone who says that drugs are better than this high is either a liar or a fool! Mother *freaking* Nature people! It’s the “more” that’s missing in your life. And the best part is that you can find it everywhere! Though I will never say no to Kauai. This sunrise is eternal for me. Thank you sun, thank you ocean. You do some stunning work.




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