Kauai Beaches and the Sacred Mountain Cave

What makes an experience unforgettable?


For me it’s the juxtaposition of connectedness and isolation. It’s feeling so close to myself and my surroundings, but also feeling the massive void of uncertainty and the joy that slight discomfort can bring. What exactly do I mean….being uncomfortable is fun? Sometimes, yes. But more important than fun, being uncomfortable is strangely freeing. Why do you think people give everything up in order to travel the world? I think it’s the seductive power of slight discomfort, once you have a taste for it you’re a goner. Once you’ve been seduced by the euphoria of conquering the scary unknown, you’ll beg and fight and despair for more. But all of this is really just to introduce the cave…

Imagine wandering up the side of a coastal mountain.



A glance behind yields slits of sapphire ocean water peaking through a thick grove of trees. A few more steps and you see vines draped from the canopy above, but floating down below your view of the earth. A cave! An opening in the mountain lies before you, and as you continue forward, you notice that the path slopes down.


Climbing into the wide opening was rather precarious. Loose rock slips beneath your feet into black water below. The sound feels deafening in this dark isolation. My mind immediately thinks of Fight Club. I’ve found my cave.

Another rock tumbles to the water. KER-PLUNK!

Our purpose in coming to the cave was to submerge ourselves in the freezing water after setting an intention. My intention throughout the whole trip was to open my heart to love free from fear. Love for myself, for others, for the earth. To find an openness.


After floating in the mountain cave, we realized that the numbness we felt was not only due to clarity of thought and full spirits, but also to the possibility of hypothermia. We hiked back out and found the nearest beach. Tunnels Beach!


Salty waves lift and lower you, and the warm water brought us back to the present moment. It’s amazing how high you can get floating in the ocean (and I mean vertically…you saucy people!). I felt about 3 stories up riding some of those waves!


Mary and Manorama hitched back to town and Julia and I set up “camp” on the beach. I’ll let Julia explain it below.

And after a beautiful sunset, we had a long sleepless night of fearing the waves would swallow us up!



What a magical day!



6 thoughts on “Kauai Beaches and the Sacred Mountain Cave

    • That’s amazing!! And I’m actually based in Texas now, I owe a few years to the job I’m currently in. But my plan is to save up so that I can travel for a year after this job. Where else did you go??

      • Oh nice! I worked out in Dallas until I quit my job last summer. I took my car and traveled through about 14 major cities and 8 national parks in America. I then did a cycling trip starting from Seattle to Los Angeles, which abruptly ended. And then I backpacked through China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand. If you’re interested in any of these places, let me know! I’m actually slowly writing about my experiences now.

        • Ahhhh! You’re amazing! That’s so rad, all of those places are on my list!! I love backpacking, I’m planning a quick trip out to Big Bend NP to hike for a few days. Well I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!

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