Texas BBQ and Brew

Forrest Gump once said, “Jenny and I went together like peas and carrots….” Well, Texas and I go together like beer and bbq.


Last week, Alex, Erika, and I all had the day off and decided to check out K Spoetzl Brewery, home of Shiner Beer!


To sustain us on our drive, we stopped at City Market in Luling (the watermelon capital of Texas….fun fact), for some classic bbq. Piles of brisket, sausage, turkey, a loaf of plain white bread, pickles, and potato salad. God bless Texas.


It almost looks a little gross piled up on the table. This is also keeping in mind that last time I ate BBQ was in the height of my American Horror Story phase of life. It took me a while to stomach it again after a combo of sauce covered brisket and a dude being tortured and killed by voodoo people in the 3rd season. I digress…BBQBBQBBQ

We arrived at Shiner, Tx and quickly found the brewery. There isn’t much else in town, so it wasn’t hard to find. The brewery dates back to 1909, founded by Kosmos Spoetzl, THE MAN! Maybe I develop loyalty to my local beer. I still drink Portland beers whenever I can find them, but Shiner really is putting out some great beer.


We toured one room (the tour was kind of lame), and then sampled the newest brew in house, the Strawberry Blonde. We were skeptical at first, but it was SO GOOD!! It almost could pass off as a breakfast beer….it had the juice vibe going on. But since it’s not acceptable to drink beer at breakfast, we’ll call it a brunch beer. There.


It was a great day with great friends.



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