Texas Pool Party

I LOVE to have people over! And my current place is a pretty decent party spot.

Pool Party

Last week Alex, Allison, and I did something we hadn’t ever done before. We actually used the grill and patio at the pool.

Pool PartyIMG_1342IMG_1330

After an hour of slacklining in the park, which was crazy crazy hot, we hit the pool for a swim. As nice as it was to just chill by the pool, hunger destroyed all chance of simple relaxation. We hopped in Allison’s jeep in search of sustenance. As I climb to the back of the jeep, stepping over a few provisions on the floor Allison chimes, “Oh be careful, by the way….there’s ice skates back there somewhere!” I was more concerned with not flashing anyone, climbing around in a swim suit cover-up!

Pool PartyIMG_1335

In classic Texas fashion, we didn’t bother deciding between proteins, we just grabbed chicken and steak. Food shopping with friends is a great time! It’s a great way to make the mundane fun!

Pool PartyPool PartyIMG_1339

We followed up our meat coarse with potato wedges and angel food cake, so freaking good! Allison and I just sat around while Alex did all the work. That’s the key. Always take the supervisory role.

Pool PartyPool PartyPool PartyIMG_1341IMG_1340

And of course all of this delicious food was washed down with a beer or two. And I found a flower that just about killed me. I spent about 20 minutes staring this flower down.

Pool PartyPool PartyPool Party

Next time it’s hamburgers and hot dogs!



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