Kauai: Jurassic Coast

Waking up on the beach was a strange experience.


Well more accurately, waking up in the jeep on the beach….


First of all, I could smell myself. And it was not a pleasant experience. This was day 5 of ocean baths, and Julia and I had already felt society’s scorn while grocery shopping the day before. But luckily, a pleasant aroma is not required in the wild!


We were awake for the sunrise and and quickly made our way to the Na Pali Coast trail head.


We had a 2 mile hike to the trail we wanted to take, and then another 2 miles out to the waterfall.


Now of course an adventure isn’t complete without a little bit of danger. No, I’m not talking about the death toll signs along the side of the trail warning against high surf.


I’m not talking about the supposed “jungle people” that our fellow trail mates were talking about. I’m talking about hiking 2 miles out into the jungle, on muddy trails, wearing adventure sandals, and then being hit by a MONSOON. The sky opened, and Julia and I looked in terror as we scrambled to throw all of the electronics into my waterproof adventure backpack.



“Is that all you’ve got?!” My voice echoes across the stream and hits the canyon wall on the other side. The rain intensifies in a “screw you” kind of fashion.

But as quickly as it came, it was gone. We rounded a corner and the angels sang a collective *ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*


I couldn’t distinguish the rain floating down from the spray of the falls. We hopped from rock to rock until our view was unencumbered. And for a moment, we were alone. Us and this magnificent scene.


We made our way back up the trail, tired, but happy.

Kauai was a miracle. The people, the land, all just completely wonderful. Here’s one more airport interview:



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