Birthday Shenanigans

I may not know everything, but I do know this: Jumping out of an airplane after drinking a liter of champagne is not as awesome as it sounds.


So it was my good friend, Valeria’s birthday last Sunday, and she wanted to enter the second half of her 20s in style!


We met in Austin at a place called Bangers. I’ve blogged about this place before and it is EVEN BETTER at brunch. I love brunch. Breakfast food + champagne, and you get to sleep in before.



Seriously, what could be better. It’s even dog friendly, so our adorable pup, Moose, was able to join us!


I ordered a sort of breakfast-y nacho field of cheese, chips, and guac. It was the sort of meal that intimidates me when it comes to the table.


I mean, what kind of nachos have cheese curds on them? Luckily, I had a liter of champagne and orange juice to ease my fears….look at this:


The Man-mosa.

Scroll back up and look again. Yeah. If that’s not a birthday drink, than I’m not sure what is. So we had a feast, enjoying the brass band playing on stage.

Next was skydiving, with a little car singing along the way….

Location: Lulling (middle of nowhere), Tx


Company: Lonestar Parachutes



Valeria had never jumped before, so she was particularly excited!




It’s funny though, after you’ve jumped once, the next jump is incredibly peaceful. You have all of this adrenaline built up and suddenly, silence. Nothing but you and the sky and the earth below.


I think that she had a pretty good time! And to all the other August babies out there, happy birthday!!


Mine is coming up later this month, you’ll probably see some more shenanigans on this little spot of the internet soon!



PC: All skydiving pictures taken by Valeria’s awesome skydiving photographer dude.

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