Lost Maples State Natural Area

What’s the best way to celebrate America on the 4th of July? Camping!


Lost Maples State Natural Area is a beautiful example of the magic of the Texas Hill Country. The park itself is an hour and a half drive from San Antonio and is the perfect spot for a day trip, or in our case, and overnight primitive camping trip.


Having spent the weekend learning to scuba dive, my friend and I got a late start and arrived at the park at about 7pm. That’s the beauty of summer though! The daylight lasts till 9pm at least!


We took the West Loop Trail to Campsite E. This trail has a lovely variety of elevation and scenery. Much of it is along a dried creek bed. We weren’t lucky enough to have a breeze on the way up, and the uphill portions were a bit rough, but as Autumn put it, “It’s nice to get out and use the quads!”


We made it to our campsite in good time, sweaty, dirty, smelly. Just as camping should be. We were eager to try out some of the more stylish of the gear we brought, mainly the JetBoil…so we set the tent up in a hurry and set our minds at boiling some soup!


This soup was the saltiest, but most delicious soup I’ve ever had. It’s funny how hiking and working hard makes things taste 100 times better. We brought an MRE as well, just for kicks (I had one left over from training). And if you can believe it…..there was NO dessert! We were a bit disappointed, but drowned our sorrows in extremely concentrated soup.


As stars began to poke out, we decided to get to bed. We were tired from hiking and attempting to scrape burnt soup out of the JetBoil. It was peaceful, watching the stars from our tent, with a light breeze floating through the tree above us. I only woke up afraid for my life once, when the breeze picked up some hurricane force and nearly dropped a branch onto our perch.


Sleep eventually came, and when sleep happens under the stars, there is nothing better. It’s the waking up and feeling 40 years older that’s the trouble! But a quick stretch will bring you back. It was a lovely way to end the weekend.





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