Ladies and Gentlemen, I have moved into the era of marriages and babies. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great! Weddings, moving away, new adventures…

That being said, as I write this, my housemates and I are all sitting around watching Mulan.

Anyway, last night was my lovely friend Anne’s bachelorette party. Portland, OR was the stage for our evening!

We started at our hotel, getting ready for a night out on the town, all in celebration of this lady and her upcoming marriage!


Here’s how our night played out…

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The Truffula Trees Are Not Extinct!

I speak for the trees and the trees are screamin’ “Spring has come!”


Feast your eyes on the glory of springtime.


So what do you think? Perhaps the Lorax was successful in his tree saving.


Ok….one more…



A Walk in the Park

Cathedral Park that is…

St. John’s Bridge, an icon of the city of Portland

I had the day off and decided that a nature walk was in order. Unfortunately, the weather was rather unpredictable; one minute gorgeous sunshine and heat on my face, the next moment wind and rain spitting in my face. But regardless, the day was darling!

The green was glowing in the background of these blossoms.


Every tree in the great NW looks like this.


I was so tickled to find a fire hydrant in my favorite shade of purple!  

And that’s how you do a day off!

What are YOU doing on your next day off? Leave a comment!


PDX Marathon

It was a rainy day in March when I thought to myself, “Hey now, what a joke it would be to run the Portland Marathon in October….”

Well, 7 months have passed and yesterday I ran the marathon.

I can honestly say it was the hardest and most amazing experience of my life!

Nothing compares to gliding along with thousands of people, breathing in the sweet air ripe with the mantras of fellow runners. Such a testament to the human spirit is not often found, and not likely forgotten. Crossing the finish line 4 hours and 41 minutes into the race, I found myself overcome with emotion but with no fluid in my body to form tears. It was more of a hyperventilation. Although I have been walking like a baby giraffe for the past 24 hours, I’m already looking for my next victory! Running keeps the world sane I think!

Happy Running my friends!

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